Service & Support

VAP® user enjoy extensive services concerning the Vacuum Assisted Process, from evaluation of the method’s suitability for a given application in comparison to other lightweight construction methods to advice at the implementation stage and on-going production support. In particular the partners in the VAP® Support network offer assistance in the development of fibre composite plastic components (FCP). Engineering services in this respect include formulation of individual specifications, conceptual design and detail engineering, production planning, testing and component qualification. When implementing the Vacuum Assisted Process in production work, VAP® users benefit from the long experience of VAP® Support partners in the formulation of manufacturing instructions and work schedules and in design-to-cost calculation for economical prototype and serial production on the basis of the membrane-assisted resin infusion process. In addition, VAP® Support partners provide training at every level ranging from shop-floor worker to manager. As an interface to those with necessary know-how they also enable further developments and adaptations in need with specific requirements.

VAP® basics in a single day

Participants in this seminar will gain an overview of resin infusion in general and the VAP® process and its advantages in particular. They will also learn about the infusion setup and how the VAP® method work both in theory and practice.

Seminar contents:

  • The basic principle of the VAP® process
  • Deployed materials
  • Infusion setup
  • Flow front behavior
  • Quality assurance
  • Applications of the VAP®
  • Practical implementation of lay-up variants, incl. setting up and infusing an own lay-up under supervision


Target group: Technically-oriented employees working in the metal and plastics fields

Individualized VAP® training

Have us provide you and your team individualized VAP® training, whether at your plant or in our VAP® fabrication works. Our process engineers with long experience in fields such as aviation, boat building, vehicle construction, rotor blade production for wind turbines and other industrial applications will be happy to adapt the contents and main focus of the training to your needs. For more details, please contact us.