How the membrane systeme works

Semi-permeable VAP® membrane systems are full of tiny pores. Under vacuum conditions, small molecules of trapped air and gas can be reliably removed, while the large-molecule resin stays stable in the mould.

In the VAP® membrane system, barrier layers are connected to a textile substrate. By the optimal combination of components and processing technologies during manufacture, it is possible to accurately control the essential process parameters: air permeability and the resin barrier.

Trans-Textil´s quality-assured VAP® membrane systems have been tested for various different resin types and process variants, and the company is continuously developing the technology in close cooperation with Airbus.

The results for lightweight components are:

  • No trapped air or reaction gases
  • High quality standards
  • Homogeneous fibre volume content
  • No resin loss caused by extensive flushing
  • Compatibility with all components


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