Membrane-assisted low-pressure infiltration

In the VAP®assembly, the flexible membrane system – which is permeable to gas but impermeable to the resin – is superficially contacted with the component. When the resin is infiltrated, it separates the matrix from the vacuum duct. With the aid of low-pressure, trapped air and gas can then escape through micro-permeability and are purged via the textile layer.

The vacuum acts uniformly, so trapped air and gas can be evacuated across the entire contact surface during and after infiltration.

Key features of the Vacuum Assisted Process VAP® process:

  • Low initial investment: possibility to use tools that are already available
  • Air and gas removal during and after infiltration
  • Uniform vacuum across entire contact surface
  • Membrane systems tested and approved for different resins and processes
  • Fast infiltration process through higher vacuum = shorter cycle times
  • Higher process reliability due to simple process control
  • Instruction and training by VAP® experts


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